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Other Bridalwear

Bluebird Bridal Boutique also offers a bespoke outfit making service to include (but not limited to!) bridesmaid dresses, Groomswear, Mother-of-the-Bride outfit and page boy outfits.

Finding bridesmaid dresses to fit all of your bridesmaids (and one that they all like) can be challenging.  Bluedbird Bridal Boutique can design outfits that are perfect for all of your bridesmaids.  For example, perhaps you want all of your bridesmaids in one style - we can tailor-fit dresses to all of your bridesmaids.  You may want individually created dresses but look like they are all part of a set, i.e. same colour and/or fabric but different styles.  Again, we can help design and make these. 

Or, perhaps you have something in mind but are struggling to find it in the shops - we can create your individually personalised dress. 

Bluebird Bridal Boutique can also create matching waistcoats and ties for your Groom's party, as well as pageboy outfits. 

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